What a roller coaster ride this book was!

I bought it at one of the discount bookstores to make up some number and left it on my shelf at work for a good four months before picking it up. What a mistake that was. I already tracked down the other two books in this trilogy and can’t wait to read them.

The story is that of Capac Raimi who wants to work as a gangster in “The City”. But to do so successfully he needs to get the positive attention of “The Cardinal”. A ruthless leader who literally runs the city. Politicians, mobsters, almost everyone has a tie back to him. As Capac finds his way through he realises there is more to this Cardinal, and for that matter himself, that he is originally aware of.

I was first drawn in when the Cardinal and all his close family made it onto the scene but as I progressed I became more and more engrossed in the story of the City and that of Capac Raimi.

This is a must for those who enjoy a combination of intrigue, mystery and black magic.